K8s Misadventures, Pt. 2 – Ceph is easy, and other lies people tell themselves

Ceph is a distributed storage system. That severely understates its complexity and capabilities. Here is its documentation, and if you’re intending on trying Ceph out, I strongly recommend you spend some time thoroughly reading it. All of it. I spent about two weeks on and off studying it, along with Red Hat’s docs (which are […]

K8s Misadventures, Pt. 1 – Distributed Systems are Easy

It’s finally happening – I’m splitting compute and storage up, and using k8s to do so. I bought two more Dell R620s, bringing my total to three – behold, quorum. This will be a multi-part series, focusing on different things I did wrong. I want HA, or as close as I can. I know I […]

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