New Environment Setup

UPDATE: See the end of this post for a discussion on new revisions. Every Professional Computer Toucher has a just-so way they want their environment. When I was but a wee lad, that environment consisted of Windows XP with various arcane registry tweaks applied (I vaguely recall changing my TCP congestion control algorithm to Westwood […]

Server Healthy Check

This will be quite short, but I wanted to put some new content out there. Healthy checks are a vital part of any organization, be it your homelab, a small office network, or a datacenter. Knowing the status (availability, load, temperature, etc.) of a server is critical in not only being aware of its health, […]

Tag, but with less running

The last project I had during my time as a Distribution Engineer was to map out a nearby town’s electrical system. They had contracted us to handle their maintenance and construction, and their maps were… well, they weren’t. As an aside, here’s a brief explanation of rural electric membership cooperatives (REMCs), municipal power districts (munis), […]


CRUD apps. They’re, I gather, 90% or more of what is built, because it turns out users mostly want to be able to save information, retrieve it, change it, and delete it. My work sponsored a bootcamp for JS + PHP, so I attended. After, I felt that I needed some project to practice on, […]

Adventures With 811

For those of you unfamiliar with 811, it’s a public service that attempts to prevent people from hitting buried utilities. Some utilities, like internet (at least on the to-the-home branches) are frequently trenched minimally at best, and with little to no protection. Electrical is usually adequately buried, but a. you never know b. a big […]

First Post!

Before Reddit, there was Digg. Before Digg, there was /. Anyway, moving on. This site aims to share some of the more interesting stuff that I do, and also, a way for me to play with AWS, because #marketability. I’ll have to figure out Azure and Google Cloud later. When the .dev TLD launched, I […]

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