I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, or how to move to EC2

This is not a blog entry on how to move Lightsail content to EC2, as those guides already exist in AWS’ fantastic documentation. This is about my trials and tribulations in getting it up and running, and how I fixed a niggling problem I’ve had since the beginning of this blog (and the other sites […]

I can has job!

Well, it happened. I’m not sure what weighting the various components held (I’ve gathered that the amount of things I dove into as personal projects was the dominant factor), but however it played out, it worked. I’m now (actually, for about a month now – I didn’t want to jinx it) an Associate Site Reliability […]

New Environment Setup

UPDATE: See the end of this post for a discussion on new revisions. Every Professional Computer Toucher has a just-so way they want their environment. When I was but a wee lad, that environment consisted of Windows XP with various arcane registry tweaks applied (I vaguely recall changing my TCP congestion control algorithm to Westwood […]

Server Healthy Check

This will be quite short, but I wanted to put some new content out there. Healthy checks are a vital part of any organization, be it your homelab, a small office network, or a datacenter. Knowing the status (availability, load, temperature, etc.) of a server is critical in not only being aware of its health, […]

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