Author : sgarland

Safely Saving Secrets

Because alliteration. Moving on. If you’re interacting with APIs of any kind regularly, you probably have the credentials saved somewhere. Maybe you’re already using a solution to securely store these, in which case congratulations, you’re better than most. I, for one, was not. I assuaged my guilt with the knowledge that my Mac’s disk encryption […]

XML-RPC, or how to go off on wild goose chases

XML-RPC, in case you aren’t living in the early 2000s, is a remote procedural call (get it?) that encodes its HTTP returns in XML. It has been largely replaced with RESTful APIs, but it still exists. The two places I’m personally aware of are rtorrent, and WordPress. The former I lived with, mainly because nothing […]

I can has job!

Well, it happened. I’m not sure what weighting the various components held (I’ve gathered that the amount of things I dove into as personal projects was the dominant factor), but however it played out, it worked. I’m now (actually, for about a month now – I didn’t want to jinx it) an Associate Site Reliability […]

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