Year: 2021

Testing VM immutability, secrets storage again, and a brief ode to ZFS

I’ve had my dev VM upgraded to Debian 11 for a few months, and have fiddled with from time to time. It’s not that I distrust Debian stable in the slightest to not be stable, but I also am not going to just throw prod a sudo apt full-upgrade (yes, with updating sources first…) and […]

A Modest Proposal for minimizing downtime and adding more blinkenlights to ye olde 25U rack

In case you haven’t been following my work (I absolutely can’t blame you, as this blog is self-congratulatory at best), I have a 25U rack with some stuff in it. In short, it consists of a Supermicro 2U X9, and a ZFS pool, with an almost-identical second Supermicro 2U X9 that exists as a cold […]

Might As Well Jump

A friend wanted to learn Linux, so I offered to spin up a VM under Proxmox. Done. Just kidding. I mean, that would work (assuming you handled port forwarding) if you were hitting an IP, but FQDNs are much easier for people to remember. Except ssh isn’t based on HTTP, so how do you forward […]

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