Year: 2020

Ascertaining Gender of Github Users to Determine PR Comment Sentiment, or How to Spend Money in the Cloud and Pretend you’re a Data Scientist

This is not so much of a SRE post, be ye warned, but it does discuss solving problems creatively. WARNING: Blindly following this will result in incurring costs from cloud providers, potentially quite a bit. It’s not my fault if you don’t calculate how much your task will cost. As an example, had I used […]

Safely Saving Secrets

Because alliteration. Moving on. If you’re interacting with APIs of any kind regularly, you probably have the credentials saved somewhere. Maybe you’re already using a solution to securely store these, in which case congratulations, you’re better than most. I, for one, was not. I assuaged my guilt with the knowledge that my Mac’s disk encryption […]

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, or how to move to EC2

This is not a blog entry on how to move Lightsail content to EC2, as those guides already exist in AWS’ fantastic documentation. This is about my trials and tribulations in getting it up and running, and how I fixed a niggling problem I’ve had since the beginning of this blog (and the other sites […]

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